Weight Neutral. Joyful. Fitness Expert.

Watch out! You think you're just having a good time and feeding off Maria's boundless energy and hilarious sense of humor and then all of a sudden you realize you've finished a challenging full body workout that met you exactly where you are. She's tricky like that, which is why she's the best.
I just can't recommend Maria enough.

Kelly West
Coaching Client

Fitness Coach 

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2003), and ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist (2022). I have worked with thousands of women over the past 2 decades as a fitness professional. I have a passion for weight-neutral and sustainable fitness and wellness.

Apart from my private coaching sessions, available both online and offline, here's a look at some of the fitness-related ventures I've pursued:

In a sea of gyms, programs, trainers, I feel so fortunate to have met Maria Luque. I’m not an athletic person but I enjoy every workout with her. Ever positive, she makes exercise fun by bringing variety to each session. She has also taught me so much about physiology and the natural changes that come along in life. In an age where it seems there is no mystery left, it continues to surprise me how much I did not know about my own body. Maria is the best!

Anna Moore
Coaching Client

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