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My passion for fitness goes back as far as I can remember. Growing up in Germany, I was raised in a culture that fostered fitness as a daily part of life. Walking or biking to school, bike trips to neighboring France, hiking in the woods, track and field, and competitive handball and ping-pong are just a few of my fond memories of growing up. In hindsight, it seems almost inevitable that my profession would be all about health and wellness. During my time in the US Air Force I had the opportunity to serve as Fitness Program Manager, which was a big factor in helping me decide to turn my passion into my career. 

Education is my great love and I pursue it as much as I can. That obsession is evidenced by the near-comical collection of acronyms after my name. I hold both graduate and post-graduate degrees in health sciences and love sharing that knowledge. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses, travel to conferences to teach other fitness professionals, and write for fitness journals. During my doctoral studies, I specialized in researching the effects of physical activity on menopausal women and to this day, it continues to be the focus of my research and work. I specialize in helping women in mid-life take charge of their own wellness as they transition through menopause. As a mother, I also learned first-hand how important fitness is during pregnancy and how difficult it can be to get back into a routine after pregnancy​. My diverse career as a health educator and fitness expert has given me a unique perspective on observing what the menopausal transition means to women. I don’t belong to any of the major camps. I’m not just an educator, not just a researcher, not just a fitness expert—I’m a hybrid that takes knowledge and inspiration from all available areas, regardless of how off-the-wall they may seem. 

My education, expertise, and passion for fitness and wellness will help you reach your goals.

Stay happy and healthy – Dr. Maria Luque



As I health educator and fitness expert, my goal is to combine my love for fitness and education to help you live a better and healthier life. I strongly believe that education is the key to succeeding at anything you set your mind to. So making sure that you understand the WHY is at the core of everything I do. 
Although I specialize in helping women understand the role that fitness has in menopause, I love sharing education that goes beyond the topic of menopause.


I specialize in helping women in mid-life take charge of their own wellness as they transition through menopause. If you're interested in private training, contact me.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge at conventions, learning events, and other group workshops. If you're interested in hosting a workshop or learning opportunity for a group about the topic of menopause, and are in need of a speaker, contact me to find out more about how I can help.