Who is Maria Luque?
Immigrant. Veteran. Mother. 
Movie Star 

Dr. Maria’s good for the body and mind. She’s challenging, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Kind and energetic.
You’d be lucky to get to know her in any capacity.

Ashley Brooks
Coaching Client

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I am so much more than one thing. 

I have gone into detail about my expertise on other areas of this website, but here I am going to dive into myself separate from that. I am very proud of my menopause and fitness expertise - but I am so much more than that.

I am an immigrant, U.S. Air Force veteran, a member of the LGBTQ, and a mother to an amazing little girl

I make play and fun a big part of my life - so, while I'm all about science and evidence, I'm also all about joy and silliness.

Like many women, I struggled with body image issues for years - and now prioritize body neutrality and acceptance in my own life and in my coaching of clients. 

Fun Fact!

I am a movie star! Haha, not really - but I did have a very small extra role in the movie Results, that starred Cobie Smulders.

(You can view me in the trailer here.)


I grew up in Germany as a child of Spanish immigrants, so I had the great fortune to be inundated with multiple cultures, languages, and a lifestyle that promoted movement. This is where I gained my passion for fitness and love for the outdoors.


In 1998, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. I still treasure the education and training I received in the military because they have translated into tangible skills that I continue to use today. I had the chance to be a leader, teacher, instructor, researcher, manager, and program developer. However, the most critical skill I learned is working with and understanding people from different backgrounds and helping them be their best. That is still what I aim to do every day.


I had my daughter at 41. Out of all of the things I have done in my life, nothing tops being a mother to my amazing daughter. Being a single mother at 41, while trying to balance my career and the rest of my life was certainly a challenge, but I would not change anything about my journey or about my amazing little girl. 

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